Parkometer AR 2.4.9-Google

Source:Jan Schoppenhorst

The solution of all parking problems!

Never forget where your car was parked. Always know how much time is remaining on your parking meter. And its easy! Start application, enter the parking meter time and you are ready to go.

Features include:
* Parking Disc Widget showing remaining time and providing quick access
* Augmented Reality View
* Compass display with distance and remaining time
* Direction to car
* Parking timer
* Parking alarm function
* Map showing parking location and current position
* Visualisation of "In what direction am I looking?"
* Notes (e.g. Parkdeck 3, Row 2)
* Photo can be attached to parking position
* Automatically saves parking position when disconnected from car (optional)
* Configurable map layers
* Easy input of parking duration either as remaining time (e.g. 2 hours - good for parking discs) or by specifying the exact point in time (e.g. at 12:34 pm - good for parkometers)
* Available in english and german
* Supports metric (meters) and imperial (miles) units

Keywords: car locator, car, car finder, gps, parking, augmented reality, ar, 3D, park, parkdisc, parkhouse, auto, parking meter, locate, radar, find, search, shopping, motorbike, vehicle

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